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It’s important to us that all our staff go home to their families each night without injury. To help with that commitment we have a full-time Health and Safety Manger!

We often hear in our industry that Health and Safety is stifling growth, is difficult to manage, and isn’t really doing anything. We couldn’t disagree more. It’s important to embrace and be open to new ideas, try and come up with solutions not excuses. In 2015 we decided we wanted to lead our interiors industry in H&S and started developing ideas of how to work smarter, not harder. In 2016 we became ACC Accredited, Secondary Level, and have taken an even further step in 2017 with the new position of Health and Safety Manager. Billy, has a wealth of experience in Health and safety from England, and has also worked for us as a ceiling installer for the past few years.

We can now say that the steps we have taken have worked, with our ACC Claims half of the industry benchmark, despite doubling our team, and a continual downward trend of preventable injuries. On top of the moral win, this has put us in an excellent position to win contracts, provide credibility and enabled us to grow quickly. Watch this space, 2019 will bring more.