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This year at the Association of Wall and Ceilings Conference, Tika won the peoples choice award for the amazing Pan Pacific Community hub in Hamilton!

The Pan Pacific Community Hub in Hamilton was designed by Chibnall Buckell Team Architects and built by iLine Construction. It has been designed to look like a tradition Samoan “Fale” (A Samoan house with open sides and a thatched roof). Tika completed the Fale’s interiors as well as the onsite learning centre ( we have only entered the Fale). This consisted of a curve, dome like ceiling, requiring precision cutting of each induvial sheet to (curving on 2 axis) to fit with the sheet next to it. We started at the base, and worked our way up to the top of the Fale, with particular focus on the two ends, which required the sheets to be cut slightly curved, while meeting at a point at the apex. This work was completed off scissor lifts with a height of nearly 15m at the highest point. This work was extremely demanding, requiring high levels of concentration between the hoist team, and the cutting team below. Approximately 450 sheets were installed in this manner. Interior linings and plastering completed the inside of the building. We also installed the exterior curved soffit, with particular attention given to a huge number of control joints, lighting and service penetrations.

Thank you to all those who voted for our project and made it an award winner.

Well done to our Hamilton team, and well done to Tika Tauranga for their finalist nomination for Picnicka, Tauranga’s hottest new Bar & Grill!